Agenda aprile 2018 Il Design italiano

Il Design italiano

Triennale Design Museum stories

Dal 14/4/2018 al 20/1/2019

Il Design italiano
Triennale Design Museum stories

The eleventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum tells the story of Italian design through a plurality of stories, which combine to define its complex nature.

The path of the Museum has a twofold trend: on the one hand the unfolding of the story in a diachronic way, on the other the development of five thematic insights that allow one to read the design through the lens of other disciplines.

A selection of 180 works - most of them coming from the Permanent Collection of the Triennale Design Museum, made between 1902 and 1998 and identified as the most representative of Italian design for their technical-formal innovation, for aesthetics, for experimentation, for the recognition and the success of the public - introduces the issue of what must be the essential pieces on display in a Museum of Design and what can be considered an "icon" and, even if this term is really effective when applied to the design context.

La Triennale di Milano
viale Alemagna, 6



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