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Dal 5/10/2018 al 28/10/2018

Reciprocity design Liege

International Design Biennial in Liege

RECIPROCITY design liège Design and social innovation triennale ​5 October – November 2018 RECIPROCITY design liège the new name the International Design Biennial Liège, which will take place for the sixth time from – October 2012. Initiated city-wide event 2002 Paul-Emile Mottard, Provincial Deputy charge Culture Liège and ...
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Dal 4/7/2018 al 31/10/2018

Passione Volante

over 100 steering wheels of Formula 1

Passione Volante from July October 2018 Passione Volante the exhibition dedicated the excellence the "guide", the discovery the unique and unprecedented collection steering wheels collected the photographer Daniele Amaduzzi over and more years the attendance the competition fields and autographed the protagonists, now the heritage the ...
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Dal 14/4/2018 al 20/1/2019

Il Design italiano

Triennale Design Museum stories

Design italiano Triennale Design Museum stories The eleventh edition the Triennale Design Museum tells the story Italian design through plurality stories, which combine define its complex nature. The path the Museum has twofold trend: the one hand the unfolding the story diachronic way, the other the development ...
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