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Classic Clog

Crocs footwear

The Classic Clog, also known by the name of the manufacturer Crocs, are rubber shoes in the form of a hoof (sabot) appeared in 2002 and have become a global phenomenon capable of selling hundreds of millions of pairs in 90 countries in the world.

The Classic Clog in the form of a sabot, open at the back, has a rotating "strap" that allows you to wear it more securely with the grip on the heel, behind the ankle. Produced in all sizes from children to adults (unisex).

Loved by hundreds of millions of consumers around the world has exceeded the judgments, sometimes superficial and not always correct, related to aesthetic and ergonomic qualities and has been able to revolution the very idea of ​​comfort all over the world!

The irreverent and comfortable shoe is durable and durable, easily washable, dries quickly.

The wide range of colors of the "Crocs Classic Clogs" allows you to choose the one best suited to your personality or situation, to always feel comfortable in your shoes.

Features of the Classic Clog:
Light and fun to wear
Rotatable strap for a safer fit
Openings for ventilation and breathability
Waterproof, easy to wash and quick to dry