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designindex.org (.it in italian version) is a tool designed to spread the themes related to industrial design, its history and its protagonists on the Internet: designers, companies, products and much more...

The site has several design addresses: industrial and product design, furniture design, yacht design, fashion design, graphic design, etc.

The project is aimed at everyone, from professionals in the sector, to companies, from students to clients, from consumers to simple enthusiasts.

Through the various sections and in the various pages, it describes the social and economic development of the industrialized and global world seen with indulgence on the "Pop" side through the objects (products) of "fashion" in their own time, capable of becoming Icons for successive generations and probably future.

The information is organized in a menu on the left, divided into categories: designers, products, companies, definitions, materials, museums, associations, web exhibitions, schools, books and magazines, vintage.

The contents are added and updated constantly with the revision of the texts, the insertion of new images and new links and links between the pages to improve the use of the topics and information.

The contents can be accessed in this way:
By initial search: by choosing a letter from # to Z from the alphabetical menu on the horizontal bar and clicking the desired image or word.

By searching by category: using the vertical navigation menu of the sections on the left in the pages, choosing an image or the desired word.

Using the Search button at the top right, the page opens where typing one or more words lists the results of the pages where those words are found.
You can also search by images and for both filter the result only to certain sections of the site.


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