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monthly magazine of architecture, interiors and design (1961)

Founded in 1961, Abitare is the monthly magazine of architecture, interiors and internationally most known and widespread design. Founded by Piera Pieroni who runs it for a decade.

Through its publishing philosophy, Abitare presents every month a way to interpret architecture from an international point of view, publishing houses, buildings, places and objects from all over the world.

Abitare crosses the history of costume, architecture and international design, following in its pages the evolution of lifestyles and living.

Abitare is the reference magazine for professionals in the world of design and architecture and every month presents the avant-gardes of architecture, the most interesting developments in design and production, investigating the world of design and design and gathering the voice of greatest world architects.

Attentive to news Abitare is also a multimedia information tool. An entirely bilingual, Italian and English system, consisting of the newspaper, print and digital edition, the website and social networks.

The magazine with an international outlook, of architecture, interior and design projects, but also of photography, art and graphics: because the project is made of glass, steel, wood, colors, shape, habits, words and inventions.

For over 35 years Abitare has been:
- the first magazine on the theme of the civilization of living
- ambassador in the world of the Italian Life Style
- the most authoritative guide and the most complete update to understand contemporary architecture.

The magazine referred to by architects, industry professionals, designers, interior designers, students, manufacturers and qualified retailers, was directed among others by Italo Lupi.