car manufacturer (1909)

The car manufacturer now operating in the market with the Audi name, was founded in 1899 as Horch & Co. by a German businessman named August Horch.

Subsequently, the company is divided, and August Horch not have the permission to use his name as a brand of its machines. To maintain continuity with the original name of the brand of cars, which in German means 'listen' chooses the Latin word 'audi'.

After a long history of significant milestones and victories, Audi is now the only manufacturer of machines that produces vehicles fully galvanized, and therefore invulnerable to erosion.

Producing machines such as aluminum A8, built in 1997, which introduced aluminum space technology scaffold, the method for lightweight structures through the tangle of bars in a three-dimensional pattern.

In the period around 1995 Audi introducse a new series of vehicles in accordance with the standards of high performance that the house undertook to fulfill.
The concept of machine aluminum is applied to many models including the Audi A2, produced in 2001.