Lady - Arflex

armchair (1951)

Lady armchair by Marco Zanuso is a symbol of Italian design of the 50s. Represents an innovation for the production of furniture, both because of its shape, for the production technique, which for the materials used.

The production of Lady by Arflex represents a breakthrough in design and Italian production and the advent of modernity.

The chair consists of four elements covered in foam and tape cords separately, mounted on the structure, initially in wood in later pressings.

Lady was awarded the gold medal at the IX Triennale in Milan in 1951, getting the immediate critical acclaim and great success among the public.

And 'the result of studies carried out in contact with the research offices of the manufacturer of foam tape and cord for understanding the behavior of these materials coupled.

The new construction system is based on the concept of being able to transform the chair by a unique structure, on which is applied and shaped padding, in a piece of furniture consisting of elements most 'children, floors and easy to handle, which may be padded and upholstered prior to their assembly.

This procedure facilitates the possibility of working in series with the application of successive operations with the creation of specialized elastic elements printed, cut and sewn coatings in machine and inserted in the pocket.

Lady armchair marks the return to the chair completely covered, where all the structural elements are integrated into the seat pan, backrest and armrests.