m.a.x. museum

graphics, design, photography, visual communication

The m.a.x. museum, inaugurated on 12 November 2005 at the initiative of the Max Huber-Kono Foundation in Chiasso, has since 2010 become a public institution of the Municipality of Chiasso.

The mission of the m.a.x. museum is to disseminate the knowledge of graphics, design, photography and contemporary visual communication.
The term "graphics" refers to the sector of artistic production oriented to the design and creation of products of visual communication and, in particular, graphic design (graphic design) and graphic art (or historical graphics).
The aspiration of the m.a.x. museum is to build a bridge between the past and the new generations of graphic designers and designers.

The seat of the m.a.x. museum is located near the Cinema Theater and Spazio Officina, a position that allows to create an interrelationship between the main cultural structures built in the border town and, at the same time, constitute a new and important Chiasso Cultural Center characterized by exhibit and theatrical contents of international scope.

The planning of the activities of the Spazio Officina concerns, more generally, the contemporary arts and culture aimed at experimentation and work in progress; they are however closely related to the vocation of m.a.x. museum.

Architects Pia Durisch and Aldo Nolli, the m.a.x. museum is distinguished by large, bright, neutral and simple spaces, in order to leave maximum visibility to the contents. The architects designed it thinking of Max Huber graphic designer and his work, finding affinity between their way of living architecture and its way of working.

The façade of the m.a.x. museum is a huge translucent showcase. At night the interspace of the façade is illuminated, making the contents visible and illuminating the city as a sort of "lantern".

(translated from the official website of the museum: www.centroculturalechiasso.ch