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Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts is a private school founded in Milan in 1980 by Ausonio Zappa, Guido Ballo and Tito Varisco, with the aim of overcoming the rigidity of the academic tradition and introducing visions and languages ​​closer to artistic practices contemporary and the art system and creative professions.

NABA, with offices in Milan and Rome, is the largest private Italian academy and since 1981 it has been legally recognized by the system of Higher Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM), part of the Italian university sector headed by the Ministry of Education, of the University and Research (MIUR).

NABA is the first academy to activate recognized courses in Fashion, Graphics and Design and offers training courses of first and second level that release qualifications equivalent to university ones that allow the student to acquire the credits (CFA) necessary to continue studies both within the Academies and in the university system in Italy and abroad.

Strongly oriented towards experimentation, NABA aims to integrate training, research and production and to promote an interdisciplinary, intercultural and socially responsible vision of artistic training and production.

NABA in Milan is strongly integrated into the cultural life of the "world capital of design, fashion and contemporary art".
In 2019 it opens its Rome office to bring its training offer to the city that gave rise to Western civilization, with its unparalleled artistic heritage, great contemporary architectural projects, the tradition of Italian cinema and the high fashion sartorial school.

NABA offers Design Courses, Visual Arts, Fashion, Graphics & Communication, Media Design and Scenography organized in three-year degrees, Master's Degrees, Short Courses and Summer Courses.