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The definition of Design

the meaning of the word and the different types of Design

Industrial design is the process of designing a product manufactured by mass production.
The key feature is that the design precedes the manufacture. The "creative" act of determining and defining the shape and characteristics of a product takes place before the physical, material, realization of the product. The product is therefore a replica of itself, often performed automatically.

Industrial design differs from artisan design, where the shape of the product and its realization take place in conjunction with the act of creation.

All manufactured products are the result of a design process. The type of design can be different and require different skills.
It can relate to an individual or team that could include people with different skills and roles (e.g. industrial designers, engineers, business experts, etc.).

Industrial design can privilege intuitive creativity or calculated scientific process, and often it can concern both.
It can be influenced by various factors such as the materials used, the production processes, the corporate strategy and the prevailing social, commercial or aesthetic attitudes.

Industrial design, as applied art, often focuses on a combination of aesthetics and end-user-centered considerations, but often provides solutions to problems of form, function, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability and sales.