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furnishing manufacturer (1952)

Gufram was founded in 1966 as a brand of the creative workshop for the production of modern furniture of the Fratelli Gugliermetto company, already active in the manufacture of chairs and chairs starting from 1952.

Gufram is a craft workshop representative of Italian creativity. With his experiments related to aesthetic, technological and material research, he realizes seats and furniture that have entered the history of furniture and are now kept in the most important museums in the world and in the most original houses on the planet. The Cactus clothes rack, the Bocca sofa in the shape of sensual big lips or the original Pratone seat with large stalks of grass are just a few examples.

Since 1966 Gufram has been producing design icons that have taken on the form and value of uniqueness thanks to the continuous contamination between the industrial design approach, the craftsmanship and the creative inspiration of art.

The Gufram catalog presents two collections: Made in Italy - which includes chairs, tables and furnishing accessories made exclusively in Italy with an ironic, colorful and original character. Handmade in Italy which includes the ironic icons of Italian design made entirely by hand by artisans in limited edition and numbered.

Critics and collectors define Gufram products as playful, subversive and desecrating domestic sculptures from the Pop Art soul or as Rock objects deliberately conceived as elements of Anti-Design, revolutionary symbols of breaking the usual patterns of the furniture world.

Gufram represents the disruptive, unconventional and still current conceptual, stylistic and aesthetic force of the Italian Radical Design of the 60s.

But the definitions are not so important, for Gufram what counts is the commitment to preserve the subtle irony irreverent that has always been part of his DNA and unites the designers with whom he collaborates, their admirers and all those who want to be engage in this original and surreal vision of a domestic landscape.

After the transfer of ownership occurred at the beginning of 2012, the new course starts again with the same attitude that distinguishes the brand and opens up to new collaborations with internationally renowned designers. Designers and artists who have the desire and the ability to question themselves, and thus have the opportunity to enter a real playground for the benefit of all those who love Gufram forever.