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Elio Fiorucci

fashion designer and entrepreneur

Elio Fiorucci, was born in Milan in 1935. Stylist and entrepreneur is the founder of the Fiorucci brand that has made Italian fashion pop.

In 1965 the young Fiorucci goes to London to learn about the youth movement of the century. Carnaby Street and King's Road are in turmoil, young people frequent stores such as Biba, Mary Quant and the boutiques of Kensington Market. Back to Milan where he brings the free and transgressive spirit of London's shops, full of suggestions and very inspired.

In 1967 he opened the first Fiorucci store in Galleria Passarella in Milan designed by Amalia Del Ponte. There are original, modern and extravagant clothes and objects from all over the world.

In 1970 he started producing clothes for his free time, jeans in particular, with the Fiorucci brand. The products are also distributed abroad, first in Europe, then in Japan, the United States and South America.

In 1974 he opened a second office in Milan. In 1975, King's Road in London. Then, in '76, East 59th Street in New York. The Manhattan store becomes known as "the daytime study 54". It depicts the concept store projects as we know it today.
The American adventure with pop art, the legendary Studio 54, the long friendship with Andy Warhol end up attracting the attention of the international jet set.

After the great expansion that lasted about three decades, in 1990 it sold the business to the Japanese company Edwin International, which maintains in Milan the only design center of the group.

In 2003 he created the Love Therapy project, which includes the production of jeans, sweatshirts, clothes and accessories, sold in the San Babila store in Milan.

Fiorucci represents a new way of seeing the world, an entrepreneurial project that has changed the history of Italian fashion and beyond, the name of an avant-garde phenomenon that, since the end of the Sixties, has revolutionized Pop, a world in which many cultures, trends, innovations, arts coexist.
Fiorucci is the magical universe of its concept stores, from the one in Milan to that of New York, passing through Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles.

The designer becomes the protagonist and icon of the world he represents. The news that discovers and proposes coincide with the wishes of consumers. Traveling not only attends museums, but is fascinated by the generation of rock and pop, miniskirt (Mary Quant), kilt readjusted, Chinese pianellas, Afghan rams, Mexican shirts, and especially in front of the American advertising Coca -Cola, little women with heart shapes, girls with socks, braids and striped T-shirts.

Fiorucci gives daily dreams, because in its shops you listen to the sound of the Beatles, offers coffee, has a flea market, because it has made its stores wonderful places, meeting places to spend the afternoon.

Fiorucci builds a playful, childish, playful and mischievous world at the same time, fabulous but also immersed in reality. Fiorucci is a myth, because it does things with the heart, because its philosophy is simple but revolutionary: Love makes life magical.

Having become a vegetarian for ethical reasons, from 2011 she devoted herself with various initiatives to campaigns for animal rights.

He died in Milan in 2015, at the age of 80, in his home due to illness.