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Scuola di Design

Politecnico di Milano (1993)

The School of Design is part of the Polytechnic Design System, with the, the Design Department, the PhD in Design and the Educational and Research Laboratories. The ensemble constitutes one of the most important universities in the world of design today.

At the Politecnico di Milano the degree course in Industrial Design was born in 1993, the first in Italy. A place of avant-garde training, a meeting point for different cultures that combine architectural and artistic studies, characterized by creativity and the study of form problems, together with technical, scientific and engineering ones.
Added to this is the historic ability to build a dialogue with the entrepreneurial and managerial tradition of small and medium-sized businesses in Lombardy and Italy in general.
The history of the Degree Course in Industrial Design, from June 2000 Faculty of Design and today School of Design, is characterized by the constant desire to experiment innovative development lines to meet the needs of the market and contemporary society.

The Design School of the Politecnico di Milano is today the largest international university for the training of product, communication, interior and fashion designers, both in terms of number of students and number of teachers.
Active in two locations, Milan and Como, with two newly built campuses. Some data: about 5000 students, over 400 teachers and about 400 assistants, tutors and experts in teaching aid; over 900 graduates working as professional designers or employees in manufacturing companies and service companies.

Milan has a long tradition in the practice and profession of design, which was born at the beginning of the century from the material culture of Lombard craftsmanship and industry and which explodes with originality and authority from the post-war period in the 1950s. The Industrial Design (literary translation of Industrial design, that is, project for the industry) is the practice that oversees the design and enhancement of industrial products, culturally integrating the project disciplines (of architectural and artistic matrix) with the technological ones (matrix engineering and computer science) and management (of economic matrix).

Milan is a worldwide center of excellence for Design, universally known and recognized. The permanent structures, cultural institutions, fairs and showrooms, publishing, schools, exhibitions, events and events that the city offers are many and contribute to the creation of a culturally lively and dynamic climate, capable of enrich the training and professional paths, providing an expanded experience of Design in all its most current variations, with a view to continuous innovation.