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manufacturer of household (1912)

The plastics have been shown to be able to open up new habits, the influence morality and to create a new culture of use. But above all, through the combination with the design, have proved it can bring new aesthetic. Fratelli Guzzini a formula adopted in full time, becoming a symbol recognized around the world production of plastic household items of daily use, good design and suitable for everyone.

Founded in 1912, Fratelli Guzzini owes an extraordinary insight to its history today when, in 1938, years in which the culture of use is still strongly linked to past tradition, introduces the acrylic in the daily home life.

A courageous choice that is quickly revealed that presages the subsequent choices, related to the red wire of technological innovation: the transition to acrylic molding of the early '60s, the use of two colors in the 80s and pioneering technologies such as gas assisted injection '90s, until the capacity today to talk to new materials with materials of ancient traditions such as porcelain, glass or steel.

The research on materials, new technology, attention to changing tastes and collaboration with the design, carried out at all levels of the company with the special support of the Guzzini Lab.

The research and development center within the company Fratelli Guzzini represents the precise knowledge that remain topical, by updating constantly, is the only way to give the product of 'the common role that today many recognize him: that of the protagonist of everyday a new, easy to use and affordable, but also of great production quality and aesthetics.